Passage Guardian Radio

Station is OFF AIR between 01 April 23 and 30 June 23.

Watch Schedule

My HF/SSB maritime coast station is available to receive calls from your vessel whilst at sea provided you contact me at prior to departure.

I’m only on watch when I have at least one vessel that has committed to call me.  The watch times below are selected due to them being the best times for radio propagation into each area, and not for convenience.


Callsign: ZMH292
Location: Canterbury, New Zealand
Effective: 19 Jan 2023 - 01 Apr 2023

UTC NZDT KHz  Service Area
0633 19:33 6230 Coastal NZ
0703 20:03 8713 Coastal NZ
0733 20:33 12353 South West Pacific Ocean
0803 21:03 8713 Pacific & Southern Oceans
0833 21:33 12353 Pacific & Southern Oceans
0903 22:03 8713 Tasman & Coral Seas



Established in 2016 Passage Guardian Radio is a New Zealand registered private maritime coast station.

My inspiration for creating the coast station goes as far back as the 1994 Queens Birthday Weekend Storm and the selfless dedication of Jon and Maureen Cullen of Kerikeri Marine Radio spanning many years, and more recently the SV Nina tragedy in June 2014 resulting in the loss of seven crew.

Every season, hundreds of cruising yachts have called into my daily HF radio nets while on passage in the Pacific.

Exploiting the power of collective security, where every vessel can hear each other as well as my coast station, live weather information at sea is shared, new friendships are made, and encouragement provided when it gets tough.

The location of my home in Russell (Bay of Islands) New Zealand had salt water on three sides, and was an excellent HF radio site.  I spent hundreds of hours optimising and testing antennae for the station, using designs that date back to before the Second World War.

The final installation allowed me to talk to vessels as far away as Dutch Harbour Alaska, the entire length of the west coast of the Americas all the way south to Cape Horn, as well as popular cruising areas in the South Pacific.

Funded by myself and the occasional donation, I have been able to provide this service every day through until the COVID-19 pandemic commenced in 2020 when cruising came to an abrupt standstill.

This presented an opportunity for my wife Angela and I to move to my home town of Christchurch, where I have established Passage Guardian Radio from a new remote controlled site in Canterbury.

The photo below is myself (Peter Mott) with weather guru Bob McDavitt in the Russell Ops Room.