Daily Welfare Report

Please take the observations below at the same time every day and send to peter@passageguardian.nz or +64 21 279 4995 as soon as possible thereafter.

Vessel NameAquarius
DateTime01-Jul-2023 00:00 UTC
Position32 16 S 174 28 E
SOG5.2 knots
StatusAll well

You can remove the labels and send as a single data stream delimited by commas;

512000000,aquarius,01-jul-2023 00:00 UTC,32 16S 174 28E,030T,5.2,all well

Enter your MMSI and Vessel Name in the message SUBJECT.

Include the timezone (UTC, NZST, AEST etc) in the DateTime field.

Position should be stated in degrees and minutes only (unless greater precision is requested).

COG and SOG is course over ground and speed over ground from your navigation instruments. If you are unable to provide these, substitute with vessel heading in degrees magnetic and boat speed through the water.

Daily welfare reports can be sent using any technology available including Starlink, Iridium Go!, Garmin InReach, YB3, Zeleo, HF radio with Pactor modem.