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Automatic Identification System (AIS)

AIS provides position, identification and other information about a vessel to other vessels and to coastal authorities automatically.

There are three classes of technology currently in use. Class A is installed on regulated commercial vessels, while Class B and Class B+ is installed mostly on ...

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Check List

  • Radio callsign and MMSI issued by flag state (country of ship registration).
  • Ship HF radio is approved for Maritime Service use. (Not a ham radio).
  • HF radio is licensed by flag state and is issued with a callsign.
  • If the HF radio is configured with an MMSI, it must be issued by the flag state, ...
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Long Range Communication

The most interesting feature of HF radio (also known as SSB) is its ability to communicate voice and data over very long distances using "sky waves."

HF radio does not need satellites, Internet, or any other man made technology for ...

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Approved Transceivers

Country of registration (flag state) regulations determine which model HF radio(s) you may install in your vessel and use on maritime HF frequencies.

ICOM Japan is the only manufacturer in the world producing marine HF radios targeting the recreational vessel market.

Whilst commercial HF radios from other ...