Passage Monitoring

A global (free of charge) safety service for recreational vessels conducting ocean passages.

Passage Guardian has your back from the moment you leave the dock. Any ocean, any passage, any time!

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Passage Monitoring Benefits

  • Vessel Tracking

    Tracks your progress using MarineTraffic satellite AIS, with notifications for stopped or sailing in high winds.

  • GMDSS Weather Reports

    Daily delivery of Government issued high seas forecasts for the METAREA you are transiting.

  • If Single Handed

    Alert you to shipping expected to cross your track overnight, and the existence of vessels engaged in fishing.

  • When your workload is high

    I can take care of communications with customs, weather routers, rally organisers, and anybody else ashore you need me to keep in the loop.

  • When You Are Stressed

    I am an experienced, calm and friendly voice on the end of a satellite phone to help you through challenging situations.

  • Rescue Coordination Centre Notification

    Where there is clear evidence you are in trouble or are likely to be in trouble soon.

Ready To Leave The Dock?

Great, simply file a float plan to activate my Passage Monitoring service.

Ocean Globe Race 2023

My HF/SSB maritime coast station will be accepting calls from entrants in the Ocean Globe 2023 race!

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"The Down Under Rally is proud to be associated with and to support Passage Guardian. It is one thing to sign up for your FREE service and not need your assistance, which is the vast majority of people's experience. It is, however, not until things don`t go to plan and you find yourself & your crew in a potentially life-threatening situation that the unique service you provide comes into its own. Hopefully, most people will never know what it means to have someone with your experience and knowledge in their corner throughout an ocean ordeal..."