How It Works

Passage Monitoring is a global free-of-charge service that monitors the progress of recreational vessels conducting ocean passages.

I use a range of tools, including satellite AIS, trackers, and email / HF radio reporting, to keep a constant watch on yachts that have filed a float plan prior to departure.

Whilst available to all yachts, Passage Monitoring is especially suited to short handed and solo sailors, in particular circumnavigators.

Check List

  • Vessel must have transmitting AIS with MMSI issued by flag state.
  • Vessel must have an approved satellite tracker;

    Garmin InReach, Iridium Go!, Iridium Go! Exec + PredictWind Datahub, YB3, or Zoleo

  • Vessel must be able to communicate with Passage Guardian via email, SMS, WhatsApp or HF radio whilst on passage.
  • Captain must commit to sending a daily welfare report whilst on passage.
  • 24 hours prior to departure, captain files a float plan with detailed information about vessel, crew and intended voyage.
  • Passage Guardian checks AIS and satellite tracker and configures notifications for vessel stopped, and sailing in high wind.
  • Passage Guardian confirms via email, receipt of float plan and provides an HF radio watch schedule (within service area).
  • Vessel sends a daily welfare report. If not received, Passage Guardian commences the Missed Check-In procedure.
  • Passage Guardian checks progress using AIS and/or satellite tracker at least daily, and investigates causes of off-course or stopped notifications (at any time).
  • Passage Guardian sends daily WMO weather forecasts for the METAREA vessel is transiting. This feature is only enabled for vessels with email at sea capability (not including Garmin InReach).