Taupo Maritime Radio ZLM

Updated 01 November 2022, version 1.7

Contacting Using HF Radio

Coast Station: 38 30S 176 28E
Telephone: ‭+64 4 550 5280‬

  1. Calculate the distance from your vessel to the position above.

  2. Using the table below, call on the HIGHEST Voice Calling frequency for the distance to the coast station, at the suggested time.

  3. The coast station will answer your call and ask you to change to the working frequency.

  4. If no reply after a few minutes, try the next highest frequency at the next suggested time.

  5. Unless in distress, avoid calling in the 3 minutes after the hour and half hour.

Distance to
Coast Station
Voice Calling
less than 150nm 2182 2207 After sunset
150nm - 300nm 6215 6224 Late afternoon
4125 4146 After sunset
300nm to 1000nm 12290 12356 Early afternoon
8291 8297 Mid afternoon
6215 6224 After sunset
1000nm to 3000nm 16420 16531 Early afternoon
12290 12356 Late afternoon
8291 8297 After sunset

The table above is an intentional simplification to be used as a guide by an operator without an in depth understanding of HF radio propagation or access to prediction software.


Service Area

Taupo Maritime Radio ZLM coverage is NAVAREA XIV (14) shown below.


HF Radio Prediction To 500 Nautical Miles

Divide kilometres by 2 for approximate distance in nautical miles.